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When Did Christmas Become Something You Check Off The List?

Christmas treeChristmas is officially 9 days away, but who's counting? Each year the holiday season brings with it visions of cozy fires, parties and other festive events. It all sounds wonderful as you add one thing after another to your calendar. Eventually there is a tipping point, though, and the whole thing turns into a never-ending checklist:
  • Stress over what to get people - check
  • Buy presents - check
  • Try to find a picture worthy of a holiday card - check
  • Spend 45 minutes picking a card template - check
  • Decorate tree - check
  • Bake cookies - check
  • Schedule extra ...

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Stevie Wonder, Confidence, Mindset and Reaching Your Goals

Stevie WonderThe Stevie Wonder concert this week was amazing! Definitely a night to remember. During the concert he played an incredible flat guitar. It’s a little blurry, but here’s a picture of it. His hands moved so fast that it was mesmerizing! It would have been impressive for anyone and then you remember ~ Stevie Wonder is blind!!! Watching him, all I could think was ~ how did he ever have the confidence to learn that? He can’t see the board, and yet he never missed a beat. And here I am thinking that I ...

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Did You Forget This While You Were Shopping Yesterday?

Sales bullseyeYesterday was Black Friday. Were you up in the wee hours of the morning searching for deals? Did you shop local? Did you stay away from the stores in favor of something else? Buying gifts for others as an expression of love and gratitude is a wonderful thing to do. But don't forget the most important thing to spend money on ~ Your Business. One of the questions I am often asked is: how to market on a limited budget. There are a lot of options out there, but some pay out ...

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Is This Missing From Your Business Plan?

"If not now, when?" handwritten with white chalk on a blackboardHurray for planning season! Business is winding down for 2014 and it's time to look at 2015. The New Year is a blank slate, just waiting for you to create something amazing.

It's filled with possibility. Does that scare you or inspire you? Maybe a little bit of both?

This week I lead a mentorship group for our Women's Council of Realtors chapter on business planning and what we thought would be an intimate round table ended up being standing room only! Wow! ...

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Being Called A Late Bloomer Is The Best Compliment Ever

Aston Martin drivingGrowing up I was not one of the cool kids. I didn't have the latest clothes, my parents were fairly strict (translation I didn't get to do a lot of things that the other kids did) and we moved every 3 years because my Dad was in the military. Making friends was not always easy. I definitely didn't have "it" whatever it was. So I spent a lot of time either comparing myself to others (and coming up short) or trying to hide in the background. Every now and then I ...

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