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Does any of this sound familiar?

Struggling alone
Dry spells in business
At odds with client
Constantly putting out fires
Always looking for better solutions
Not enough bandwidth
Never go on vacation
Can’t relax
Miss being with your family

Al... Most... There...

Back to school lettering with books, pencils and apple over chalkboard backgroundSchool starts Monday. And just like that, vacation is over. It’s back to a routine.
Even if you don’t have kids in school this is relevant. Chances are it applies to your clients. Does it feel like people have been distracted and slow to respond?
Things are about to pivot.
Here’s something to think about this weekend as you shift gears.
How can you connect (or reconnect) with your clients? The obvious is to pick up the phone and call them, but how you do ...

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Does Your Business Need A Tour Guide?

Tour guideThe British are coming! The British are coming!

We learned the truth about Paul Revere's great ride during our trip to Boston last week. Turns out he didn't ride through the streets yelling about the British. Instead he went from house to house spreading the word so they didn't alert the loyalists. One of our adventures was a tour of the Freedom Trail. (Here's a picture of our adorable guide dressed up in period clothes.) While we could have walked it on our own and read the guidebook, it was much nicer to ...

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Striving vs Allowing: The Internal Tug of War

Lake Wa. june 2014August is a transition month. Summer vacation is still going, and back to school is around the corner. There’s time for one more vacation, but it’s been weeks since you focused on business and it’s about time you sold something.
Sound like a familiar tug of war?
Whichever option you choose, there is a hint of guilt.
If you decide on a vacation, in the moments of downtime it’s easy to wonder where your next transaction will come from.
If you decide to work, things end up moving at a snail's pace. ...

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Are You A Closer Or A Consultant?

ABC Always Be Closing Target 3d Words Aiming Arrow Bulls-EyeDuring a recent coaching session, an agent asked for help “convincing clients to work with her.” Instantly, warning bells started going off in my head.
There was something about the way she said it. I could tell the biggest issue was her mindset. Convincing someone is equivalent to closing them. Think old school slimy sales where it’s all about getting to yes. Who cares about the client and what they actually need.
Finding new clients is about attracting them, not chasing them.
Chasing is equivalent to convincing ...

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The Secret Is Out...

work outOur boys are at sleep away camp on Orcas Island this week. (It’s good to be a kid these days!) So Gary and I are enjoying the extra time together.
If you have young kids, I’m sure you can relate. It’s the little things. We can go to dinner at the spur of the moment, we can work out together, we can stay up late talking about all those things that end up on the back burner and we never seem to get to. All things that normally take planning, child care ...

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