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Does any of this sound familiar?

Struggling alone
Dry spells in business
At odds with client
Constantly putting out fires
Always looking for better solutions
Not enough bandwidth
Never go on vacation
Can’t relax
Miss being with your family

3 D's of Success

NICOLELast week I had the hono0r of speaking on a panel at Inman Connect in San Francisco. The conference was a fantastic mix of agents, managers, owners and technology companies all focused on making the real estate experience better for the agents and their clients. It's amazing how many options are out there! As with every conference, my goal was to meet 3 new people and find 1 thing that I'm going to implement immediately. I met dozens of incredible people and the app that I fell in love with ...

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Why You Need To Hire A Boss

What?Group of Multiethnic People Discussing About Business Issues Aren’t we independent contractors, able to set our own schedules, call our own shots, do things the way we want them done? How is that working out for you? While the word “Boss” can sound oppressive and make you want to run in the other direction kicking and screaming (after all, if we were good at working for other people we wouldn’t be in real estate) bear with me. This isn’t about hiring someone to micromanage you. I’m talking about someone who can see the big picture, ...

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How To Make Money This Summer

July 4th is next week. Weather you are taking off a day, the weekend or the entire week, it's play time. I have grand visions about taking the entire summer off to do nothing but travel and play, but the reality is that I need my business to keep running. If you are like me,going for 3 months without income isn't an option. But if you are not careful, the next thing you know it will be Labor Day weekend, summer will be over and you will have missed it yet again. Check out today's video to have and make some money this ...

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Opportunity Is Knocking. Open The Door

Lake Wa. june 2014June is a wonderfully busy month. Business is booming, kids are graduating, farmers markets have started and the sun is out. Yet with all of this activity going on, does it ever feel like you’re missing out on something? Maybe it’s just me, but I can spend an inordinate amount of time looking at the past, feeling like I missed out on an opportunity. So much so, that I stop paying attention to what is going on right in front of me. Case in point: I love facebook. Personally and professionally, it’s ...

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Business Is A Contact Sport

beautiful girls shopping in grocery supermarketActually all of life is. Yesterday, I was interviewed for the Live Rich, Spread Wealth tele summit. She asked me what is one thing I wanted to share with people about what it takes to be successful.

Life is a contact sport

Not in the aggressive, competitive sense, but in the you can’t get results if you aren’t out there connecting with others sense. In real estate especially, it’s all about being in touch with people who ultimately turn into clients or could refer ...

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