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Market Your System

brewery infographics - beer design elements & iconsYou market your name, image, track record, sales, but have you ever marketed your system?
Just like a Brewery, you have a process that gets your clients from Point A (your initial meeting) to Point B (sold and closed). If you ask most agents what their system is, you'll likely get a blank stare combined with something like "I don't really have a system, it's all in my head". or "Each transaction is different so I can't systematize things, because I never know what will come up". Real estate ...

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Motherly Advice: Work What You've Got

me and momIn honor of Mothers Day this weekend, let's cheer for  all the miracle workers out there with the amazing ability to make the most of what they've got.
A Mother's super powers are never ending. They include things like: the ability to squeeze 25 hours worth of activity out of a 24 hour day, stretch a dollar further than anyone thought possible, make the people around them feel special, and run a successful business. By the way, running a household equates to running  business.
In real estate, whether you are a mom ...

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The Rebound Effect

Baloncesto. JugadaWhile catching up with my friend Debbie last week, she shared a story about a client who recently decided to work with someone else. This wasn't just any client. It's someone she has done many transactions with. She had spent hours helping them prep their current home for sale. At the last-minute, they decided to use someone else. Not fun!
As Debbie shared her story, she asked if that had ever happened to me. As a matter of fact, it had, just last week. As I shared my story, Debbie's shoulders relaxed and ...

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Work / Life Balance, Is There Really Such A Thing?

GrampsApril showers bring May flowers. April also brings spring break, baseball and the peak of the real estate season. It's enough to make even the most organized feel stressed. How do you manage it all and keep some semblance of balance in your life? Admittedly, I'm not a fan of the word balance when used in this way. I think it's misleading and sets us up for failure.
Balance implies we get everything done. But let's call life what it really is:

A series of decisions about getting the RIGHT things done.

Here's ...

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Is Persistence Helping Or Hurting You?

t shirt drawerThis is my t-shirt drawer. I actually have 2 t-shirt drawers, this is the neat one. Pretty scary right?!
Saturday I was digging away, looking for a specific tank top for yoga class. Gary was laughing about what a spazz I am and questioning whether the shirt was even in there. (He is very neat and organized.) I triumphantly pulled it out, and said: "aha, persistence pays off." Then I instantly had a second thought: "organize your stuff."
I realized how often we assume that persistence is a good thing, when ...

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