When many people think of Redmond, the first thing they think of is “Microsoft.” And with good reason—tens of thousands of people work for Microsoft in Redmond, and the corporation takes of millions of square feet of office space in the city. But there are a few other things about Redmond that most people don’t know and are surprised to find out, and I wanted to show off some of these lesser known facts!

Here are 6 unique things that contribute to making Redmond a beautiful place to live:

100+ Works of Public Art

Did you know that Redmond is home to so much public art?! Installations include everything from paintings to huge, interactive sculptures. See how many you can spot while you’re out and about the city!

Holi Festival of Color

Each year, you can celebrate the Holi Festival of Color at Redmond City Hall. This spectacular event is based on celebrations from India, and is a wonderful time that the community can come together and celebrate other cultures. You can learn more about the tradition here!

So Bazaar Night Market

During the month of August, Downtown Redmond comes alive on three Thursdays during the month. Music, shopping, food, and incredible art installations are all in the mix—check out the So Bazaar schedule so you can mark your calendars now!

Farrel-McWhirter Farm School

When most people think of Redmond, they usually don’t think of barnyards and farm animals! The Farrel-McWhirter Farm School provides the community with some truly unique offerings that include fun, interactive classes about farm animals, the natural world, and farming practices.

One Thousand Acres of Parks

Redmond is home to a seriously extensive network of parks and trails. This includes 23 parks, 17 miles of trails, and over 1,000 acres total! Take a look at a list of Redmond’s parks and check out the amenities offered at each one.

Community Gardens

Redmond first started this program in 2010 at Juel Park, and they’re still just getting started! The garden has expanded to accommodate more gardeners, and if you’re interested in developing a community garden or participating in this program, click here to learn more. They’re looking for people to help start new gardens!