New Construction vs. Resale, Which is right for you?

It’s a common debate for Buyers. Do you buy something brand new or a resale, meaning someone has lived in it before.

With any home purchase, there are three main criteria to work with: Price, Amenities, and Location. Whichever option you choose affects all three categories.

Here are some of things to consider when making your decision.

New construction:


  • You may be able to pick some of the finishes,
  • Everything is brand new, which means fewer costs for repairs and maintenance will be lower initially.
  • You get the most current floor plans


  • There are often extra costs, such as window treatments
  • New construction costs more on a price per square foot basis
  • The floor plans and lot sizes are smaller than those of re-sales in nearby neighborhoods.

Resale homes:


  • You can purchase closer in and stay with in your budget
  • The lots are bigger with more mature landscaping and privacy
  • The floor plans tend to be bigger


  • Resale homes can cost more in repairs depending on how they have been maintained
  • The finishes may be considered “dated”
  • You may have to spend time undoing other people’s decorating

To find out more about which might be the best option for you, send me a note at to schedule a consultation.