Are you looking forward to summer like I am? The sun and the warm weather make it so much fun to be outside on the Eastside.

We have gotten into stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) and are having a great time. Here is a picture of Alex and I on boards while Gary and Ryan kayak.

As much as I am enjoying it, though, I am content to rent a board whenever the mood strikes us. They are a bit big to store at the house and then figuring out how to transport down to the lake can be tricky too.

There are several spots to rent from. Our favorite is at Perfect Wave rentals down at Houghton Beach on Lake Washington.

It’s actually pretty easy to get the hang of, but I recommend going in the morning when the water is calmer and there is not much boat traffic. And make sure to leave your phone at the dock, just in case you take an unexpected dip in the water.