If you’re like me and love shopping, but sometimes feel a little guilty afterwards, or just don’t have the time to head to the mall  – then today’s 425 show is for you. Ambika Singh, owner and founder of Armoire Style takes retail therapy, without buyers remorse afterwards to a whole new level. Ambika and her team of professional stylists are helping hundreds of women find what makes them feel their best in her online, and rental clothing store, giving members access to endless styles for a monthly fee.

Whether you are a new Mom, or busy professional, and need the perfect little black dress for an upcoming event, or going on vacation in warmer weather, Ambika’s store has you covered!

Americans throw away more than 80 lbs of clothing each year! Ambika is passionate about lowering that number by curating the perfect closet for you – without the clutter.

Living a more simplified life is a popular trend these days, which is why clothing rental services are a hot topic. Most rental services are typically done online, in isolation. Ambika has stepped up the clothing rental service by opening two stores so that customers can try on their items first. With two locations, one in Pioneer Square and her brand new store in Kirkland, Carillon Point you can book a personal styling session and they will curate racks of clothes in your size and style. Try them on, take home four or eight pieces at a time, then swap them for new styles whenever you’re ready. Ambika and her team take the stress out of shopping, and are committed to diving into what makes you feel comfortable and look your best.

If you’re more comfortable looking through items online, you can fill out their detailed survey of the styles that best match you, all from the comforts of your own home. Choose the membership you want, pick your items and they’ll ship them right to your front door. The shipping is free, both ways  and dry cleaning is included!

Ambika’s styling services goes above and beyond finding the best outfit for you. She’s teamed up with some of the best IT teams to help her site zone in on what her members are picking through their styling ‘fit algorithm’ that hones in on what her members are picking. By keeping track of what her members are picking, it makes it easier for her members to find their items quickly – which saves you more time!

Membership starts as low as $149.00 a month, and you can upgrade or cancel at anytime. Most members keep their items on average 10 days at a time, until they are ready to return them so someone else can share in the love a favored item. If you would like more information on how to get started you can visit their online shop, from classic pieces to maternity. Follow them on Facebook for updated events, and monthly specials, and Instagram for trending styles.

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