September is National Yoga Month, so it only seems fitting that our guest today was none other than Amy Jarvis with Enliven Here Yoga. Amy teaches yoga, yoga therapy and yoga Nidra – a specific type of meditation. Yoga Therapy is a bridge between traditional yoga and healthcare. Working independently with Amy is the original format of the ancient yoga practice -the teacher/student relationship.

Amy offers specialty yoga classes that are specifically tailored to your needs. Whether you are working through some type of pain, or feeling stressed out she gets to know her clients needs, and offers one on one, or group online – or offline classes in a safe environment.

As with so many of us, Amy had an interesting path to her current career. Formally a construction manager, she happened to walk by a yoga studio one day and noticed how calm the class looked. Juggling a lot of balls as a construction manager she was feeling overwhelmed and stressed. She joined the class and instantly felt her days were still busy but she was able to slow down and breath through stressful situations.

Moving to the Pacific NW, prior to having her son she had some extra time on her hands and decided to go through her training and became a master yoga instructor. Making a full time shift in her career she went back to school for two years to become a yoga therapist. As a therapist she tailors every class specifically for each client. She checks in with¬† with their physical therapist or chiropractor to determine what works and doesn’t work for your body and motion.

Along with her yoga therapy she also practices Yoga Nidra – the word Nidra means sleep from the Sanskrit language over 2000 years ago. Through a guided meditation class Nidra can help improve quality of sleep, reduces chronic pain, and can soothe the nervous system. For more information on working with Amy on Nidra class or workshop check out her website.

You can work independently with Amy or check out her easy monthly subscription which provides you all ENLIVENhere Yoga & Meditation plus over 60+ online class options every week from health & wellness experts! Join Amy and other yoga instructors at the upcoming River Retreat.  You can enjoy the elements, under the trees, in their glamped out private tents in Carnation.

If you or someone you know is ready for a unique yoga experience give Amy a call! You can connect with her via Facebook for upcoming workshops and classes, or follow her Instagram for inspiring quotes and images.