Health and Wellness has become a collaboration between many different modalities. I love exploring the options and finding out the impact they can have. For the past seven years Amy McKinley with Happier Healthy Living has been living her dream job helping other’s be healthier, through natural remedies, and essential oils.

There’s so much information online about healthier living that it can feel overwhelming to know which tools to use. Amy is incredibly knowledgable and passionate about providing inspiration and helpful resources to help you live happier, and healthier.

Growing up in a fairly conservative home with regards to medicine, alternative medicine approaches wasn’t something Amy believed in, until she had her son. Born prematurely they were in and out of the doctor’s office for basic colds or minor illnesses that would affect his already weak immune system.

Determined to find alternative options to help her son strengthen his immunity and find less stress she came across doTERRA, which dramatically changed her sons lifestyle, and has been antibiotic free for over six years! During the process of falling in love with the oils for her and her family, she wanted to share her success with friends and family and created Happier and Healthier Living where she works with clients either one on one, or in class settings.

Founded in 2008 doTERRA’s mission was to share only the purest, highest-grade essential oils with the world. With Amy’s guidance she helps you lower your daily toxic load, through aromatic non toxic products –  it’s the perfect place to start incorporating them into your daily routine.

Amy recommends you start small, by trying some basic oils to get you started. Combing oils such as peppermint and wild orange is a great way to add a boost to your daily workout. Those struggling with allergies you can combine lemon, lavender, and peppermint to water or on your skin to help relieve the dreaded allergy season. Helpful tips from Amy on using your oils is keeping your oils out and handy.  For sleeping oils, keep them by your bed, if you use an oil in your morning tea or water keep those by the sink for best reminders to incorporate your daily oils.

If you’ve been looking for some healthier lifestyle options, whether you’re looking to reduce stress, have a better nights sleep, or just need that extra daily boost of energy give Amy a call! Amy is passionate about educating you on how essential oils can make an impact on happier and healthier living. You can follow her on Facebook, and Instagram for more healthy living inspirations and upcoming courses.