Wow! So much fun today talking with the always entertaining Jessica Butts of Front Seat Life Coaching.

Jessica is an amazing coach who specializes in helping people be more successful, have better relationships, and get more done using their innate talents. As a Meyers Briggs specialist, Jessica gives you permission to live unapologetically who you are.

In her two fantastic books:

  • Live Life From The Front Seat
  • Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At

Jessica teaches you just how important it is to show up as you. With a sense of humor and a whole lot of love – it’s all about living your best life.

In the market update section of the show we talked about job growth and appreciation. Matthew Gardener, the economist for Windermere Real Estate, just released his quarterly market report. Washington State experienced job growth of 2.9% compared to the national average of 1.5%.


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