High School and College often provide new challenges for students as they learn how to manage multiple assignments in various classes. It’s become even more challenging now that everything is remote. Hayden Goldberg, a Sophomore at The University of Washington, and the founder of – Remote Learning Coaching helps students set a plan, focus their attention, and manage multiple tasks.
Up to 90 percent of kids with ADHD also struggle with executive dysfunction, which impairs goal-directed behavior. Through Hayden’s coaching packages he will take you through a 3 step process which includes setting goals, determining what your day looks like now, and creating an organized plan to achieve your goal.

Struggling with ADHD himself, Hayden knew early on he needed to put his energy into finding a solution that kept him focused rather than in his frustrations. In middle school he wrote out a plan of the schedule he developed that was worked incredibly well. During his freshman year at the University of Washington, he shared his success strategies in his book Freshman 101: The Guidebook to Planning, Prioritization, and Time Management.

Freshman 101 is a look into the overwhelming struggles he faced when dealing with the amount of college coursework and dealing with multiple assignments. The system he describes will give you the tools to track your assignments, due dates, and break them apart into manageable steps. You can find Hayden’s book on Amazon, and it’s 20% off!


After writing his book he wanted to help more student’s one on on so he developed his remote learning coaching packages designed specifically for high school students looking to get ahead, new college students, and a current college student that is further along.

All packages consist of three, one hour meetings with an optional meeting to reflect on the success. Through the 3 sessions you will learn – but not limited to the following-
  • An introduction to gain a better understanding of where you and your family are right now.
  • Classroom management and how to structure your day.
  • Focus on assignments and how the student can effectively manage them.

To say Hayden is pretty amazing, is an understatement! If you are a student or a parent and need a nudge in the right direction to get back on track give Hayden a call. You can visit his website blog post for helpful articles of other students struggling to focus. For Hayden’s full story of his ADHD struggles and how he turned that around check out his Youtube Video.¬†