Kelsey Cohrt, with Northwest Health Coaching a certified, Integrative Health Coach joined us on The 425 Show today to talk about gut health, and the role it plays in virtually every aspect of our life. From our ability to focus, maintain our energy, and maintain a healthy weight and so much more – it all comes back to what’s going on in our gut. Kelsey offer one on one health coaching sessions, a beginner guide to gut health course, and meal plans to help you set goals and make sustainable changes to your health.

Kelsey is passionate about helping her clients get to the root of what health issues they are facing, and what foods could be causing them. Kelsey will help you navigate the world of nutrition and determine what works best for your body.

Kelsey has always lived an active lifestyle, and like most of us, struggled with diets that didn’t seem to work. After graduating from Washington State University, and teaching for ten years, she couldn’t shake the overwhelming exhaustion she was experiencing. Her Mother-n-Law gave her a book on the healing effects of foods, and the light bulb went off. She went back to school and gained her degree as a health coach, to help other busy women experiencing similar issues.

Kelsey focuses on the gut – which is the center of everything health related. She offers 3 easy habits you can start today, and maintain.

  1. Add more prebiotics into your meal routine – Incorporating more fiber, in to your daily routine, will help ‘feed’ your probiotics. Suggested plant based foods, are lentils, nuts, seeds, fruit, and vegetables – no prepackaged foods.
  2. Add more probiotics into your meal routine – Some people take a supplement for probiotics,(which is fine), but incorporating more foods that are fermented can have the same effect. Foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, organic miso, and pickled vegetables are great. Check out Kelsey’s step by step process of how to brine your own vegetables.
  3. Healthy sleep support – A good sleep routine plays a huge role in our gut. When sleeping it’s the time for the body to detox, not getting a good sleep you’re body won’t have time to fully detox. Kelsey recommends when it’s daylight you are awake, and when it gets dark you lower the lights, and turn off devices to prepare your body for sleep. She also recommends doing one thing to move your body during the day so you will feel tired at night.

Quinoa Eggs Gut Health Breakfast Bowl 

Kelsey’s website offers a full list of healthy recipes, and blog posts to help you get started eating healthier. Her one on one coaching will teach you 6 Habits to Health, how they can transform your life, and how to realistically practice them daily. Her BGGH Course – The Beginner’s Guide To Gut Health is designed, to be your guide no matter where you are on your health journey. Kelsey also offers meal planning! Take the stress out of what to buy, or what to make for your family and let Kelsey guide you through the perfect plan to meet your families needs. For a full list of services check out Kelsey’s website.¬†

If you or someone you know wants to get a kick start on eating heathier give Kelsey a call. You can follow her on Instagram for inspiring recipe ideas.