If you’ve been feeling a little stuck in getting a jump start on your goals, my guest today LaEisha Howard, Author of Fill Your Tank is the person for you. Recently voted as Women To Watch in 2020 in The 425 Magazine, LaEisha is a speaker, writer, and personal development coach and is passionate about empowering those around her, and her clients.

Fill Your Tank – 100 daily affirmations, of inspiration and reflection, was inspired by self-love notes written to her daughter – encouraging self-love, compassion, and acceptance for yourself. It is a personal brand of development and self-love to move and grow into the person you desire to be, something that “makes your soul sing“. If you would like to purchase Fill Your Tank you can purchase on LaEisha’s website or Amazon!

With over 20 years experience in Human Resources in the corporate world LaEisha has worked with hundreds of people outlining their personal goals, setting objectives and being their own personal cheer leader to achieve their goals. She is passionate about ensuring her clients understand the importance of wellness, and how to grow personally and professionally.

LaEisha works with clients in coaching both professionally and personal. Professionally she can help you one on one, or in a group setting from building your brand, identifying career obstacles, creating the business you want and more. Her personal coaching, offers one on one sessions helping her clients form a strategy and implementation to get you moving past fear and building self-acceptance.

Along with coaching, LaEisha also does speaking engagements. Pre-COVID she speaks to audiences on various topics from Personal Branding, Leadership, Kicking Stigman Back, and Entrepreneurship – helping those wanting to push beyond their boundaries and reach their highest potential. For a full list of her speaking topics you can visit her website.

Now more than ever is the perfect time to have someone on your side cheering you on to reach what feels like unattainable goals! For more information on the services LaEisha offer’s or to work with her give her call, and visit her website.