Whether you jumped on the “Dry January“, bandwagon, or if non-alcoholic beverages are year-round thing for you, this is The 425 Show for you! Today I chatted with Marnie Clark, owner of Marnie Rae, an expert in creative, soft cocktails otherwise known as mocktails.

For Marnie it’s about more than creating non-alcoholic beverages. It’s about making non-drinkers feel welcome, included, and part of something. She is dedicated to finding and creating the best soft cocktails around and showing you how to include those guests that want non-alcoholic cocktail options.

With sixteen years of sobriety under her belt, Marnie found herself in social situations wanting to feel part of the crowd, ordering a special, pretty drink – sans alcohol. In the hospitality world she realized her options were limited to iced teas, sodas, or a “virgin something”, with sugary syrups that made her feel like she was at the kids table.

Frustrated with the lack of non-alcoholic options at restaurants and events, and knowing she wasn’t the only one who was challenged by this she hired a recipe developer and ramped up her ‘Mocktail Movement”. Educating and empowering the hospitality industry to offer quality, alcohol free drinks!

Living in the Kitsap County Marnie has found a large, growing, alcohol free community of all ages. She hosts events, serving everything from her seasonal recipes to the crowd favorite, a Spicy Grapefruit Margarita! Quality recipes come with quality ingredients. Many of her mocktails are accompanied with flavorful mixers from the Dry Soda Company, and Simple Goodness Sisters, syrups. A night out is more enjoyable with local favorite places such as Calypso in Edmonds, or Mossback Cafe offering several craft mocktail options.

Mocktails, and cocktails seem to go hand and hand with parties. If you’re like me and struggle with a hostess gift to bring (other than a bottle of wine) Marnie has created an awesome, FREE hostess gift guide.  It’s super easy to download. It will change your life, and your hostess gift giving game forever! Give the gift of note cards, or keep for yourself with her Set of 8 hand-drawn watercolor note cards.

If you would like to host a party, and are in need of some inspirational mocktail recipes go to Marnie Rae’s website. you can follow her on Facebook, and Instagram for upcoming events, and new soft cocktail ingredient favorites. Attend her next event “Mocktail Party with Kristi Coulter”, Author of “Nothing Good Can Come From This” –  February 19th, 7:00 pm at 3rd Place Books.