November is a busy time of year, as most people are gearing up for the holidays, and adding more tasks to their already full to-do list. It was the perfect time to have my guest Sam Willing, with Imperfection Wins podcast on the show today – reminding us to stay grounded and let go of the need to feel like everything has to be perfect.

With a background in Human Resources, and coaching, Sam’s passion is making a connection with people, by opening up about her journey of being vulnerable, letting go of perfection, fighting resistance, and embracing the uniqueness in all of us. Imperfection Wins podcast features real stories from her life, and from others including, expert advice from psychologists, executive coaches, authors, and more.

As a Human Resources executive for over 20 years, Sam found herself at a crossroads of making a transition in her career. She was asked to speak at a women’s conference, focusing on healthcare, and her coaching techniques – which felt a bit out of  her comfort zone. Sam dove in, and opened up about her real life stories from her life, from being a Mother, her career, and how she got to where she is today.

Receiving such positive feedback she took the plunge to record her own podcast as part of her own journey in exploring her fears, imperfections, and values to the world. Along with her 17 podcast episodes, she leads corporate leadership workshops, focusing on compassion and exploring what holds you back, providing tools, through her growth took-kits for personal growth.

As a way to pay it forward, she wanted something unique she could send to others – a reminder that life doesn’t always have to be perfect. With the help of her Dad’s friend Gary, who recently took up woodworking they created wooden hearts from re-purposed wood. Apologizing the hearts weren’t perfect – Sam knew right away this was exactly what she wanted, as he created the ‘perfectly imperfect’ heart. These hearts represent love, grace, imperfection, and meaning. If you would like to purchase a heart or help donate you can visit her website.

For more information on Sam’s Imperfection Wins podcast, or to listen to episodes you can find all episodes on her podcast page. Follow her on Facebook, and Instagram for upcoming workshops and inspiring quotes. Check out her online growth tool-kit, which includes activities to help you explore what you really want, discover what is holding you back, and empower you to move forward!