Welcome To The Success Perspective

Part side gig, part passion project, I believe in giving back.
Each year, I spend a portion of my time coaching and mentoring agents.

I believe in abundance. There is enough opportunity out there for all of us to build thriving businesses that we love running, with clients that we love working with.
When we succeed and thrive as agents, not only is it better for us, it’s better for:

  • OUR CLIENTS-because we raise the bar for our industry
  • OUR FAMILIES-because we are more present
  • OUR COMMUNITIES-agents are known for supporting local causes

With a unique blend of systems, structure, mindset and marketing – and a healthy dose of Woo Woo mixed in, I help agents implement changes that are doable and get results.

My main focus is to strip away the overwhelm to get clear on what works, what makes you unique, and how you can best serve your clients to build a thriving referral based business.

Have questions about classes or individual coaching?
Send me a note at nichole@nicholemangina.com

Wishing you the greatest of success!