Washington is known for their wines…and for good reason. Woodinville has become the epicenter of the Western Washington wine world.  With their collection of tasting rooms nestled into the valley, it’s easy to discover new favorites among the many selections.

Don’t assume that going tasting in Woodinville is all about the wine though. Many of the tasting rooms are beautifully set up and are gorgeous places to spend some time on a sunny afternoon, regardless of whether you drink wine or not.

One place we tried recently and loved is JM Cellars which sits on the hill just above Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery. The wine is fantastic and it offers the most incredible setting and a great staff.  We had a wonderful time relaxing, sampling wine and hanging out with the boys just enjoying the view. They also offer a short hike down to a pond which was fun, too!

JM Cellars
14404 137th Place Northeast, Woodinville