Massages are great for relaxation, but they are also a key component of keeping your body functioning fully. If your back is tender after a weekend of cleaning the garage, you overdid it on a hike, or you’ve got some kinks that just won’t go away,  Abby Dillinger, owner of Shakti Bodywork of Bellevue is the one to see. For over 15 years she’s worked with all types of clients, offering a unique Thai inspired massage therapy – providing an optimal bodywork experience, and a massage with intention. Her motto “clinical results – spa style”.

I can honestly say – she’s amazing! Abby takes the time to get to know her clients and get to the root of what led up to the discomfort you are experiencing. Each session is customized for what your mind, and body needs. She offers full service treatments, including Swedish, deep tissue, Thai massage techniques, gua sha, hydrotherapy, and the popular cupping treatment. Each session includes breath work, focusing on stress reduction techniques.

*photo credit – Jen Speers*

Growing up in North Bend, she’s always knew she wanted to pursue a career in health care. Taking some advice from a friend perusing a massage therapy career, she attended the Body Mind Academy – focusing on Eastern medicine and Thai style massage therapy. In 2012 she went back to school and gained her Psychology degree to better serve her clients – getting to the root of what goes on in your mind, can manifest the discomforts in your body.

Abby works with all types of clients, and offers a unique experience tailored just for you. You don’t have to have had a major injury to visit Abby! One of her popular massage therapy service is the Shakti Signature. A 90 minute full body treatment designed to address general tension and soreness that will leave you relaxed and zen. Add a CBD application to smooth out all the rough edges and take this treatment to the next level.

Abby prides herself in making massage therapy affordable! She offers pricing that makes it easy to commit to ongoing therapy – weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. She offers package pricing available for 90 and 120 minute shakti Signature massages in increments of 3, 5 or 10. She also accepts worker’s compensation and Personal Injury Protection claims.

Believing mind, body, and overall health go hand and hand, Abby also offers coaching and consultation services. What you put in your body is just as important as how you treat your body. Check out her Intuitive Eating service, where she coaches you on moving past fighting with food, and your relationship to your body shape, and weight. She will dive in to coaching you on what intuitive eating is, and recovery from disordered eating. All services are offered in studio, or via Zoom.

If you are ready to take that step and move past the pain you’ve been living with day after day, give Abby a call! She offers a safe, sanitized environment and for a full list of her services you can visit her website. Follow her Shakti Bodywork Facebook page for education in health tips, and upcoming events. Check out her Instagram page for inspiring healthcare images.