We brushed up on our etiquette today with the lovely Arden Clise of Clise Etiquette. She, and her team, have been helping people more comfortably navigate personal and professional situations for over a decade now.

This topic is near and dear to my heart. I believe that little things can make the biggest difference in life. Etiquette is definitely something that can seem small or irrelevant, and yet impacts us in more ways than we realize.

Yes, it affects how others think and feel about us, but it also affects how comfortable we are in a situation. It’s easy to assume that focusing on etiquette can make a situation feel stiff and contrived, but really the opposite is true. Being confident in your actions makes us more relaxed, and more likely to be ourselves.

Whether it’s a personal or professional situation, Arden had some timely tips for all of us:

  • When making a toast, hold your glass out in front of you, but not so high that people can’t see your face.
  • If you are the one being toasted, leave your glass on the table until the toast is complete, Then raise it for a drink.
  • Emails should be formatted like letters, not text messages.
  • Unless you are in the South, calling women Mam is a thing of the past. It’s best not to use anything.
  • You only stand for women entering and leaving the room if you stand for everyone.

Arden shares these tips, and dozens others in her book, Spinach in Your Boss’s Teeth.

*picture courtesy of Arden Clise*

In addition to doing classes for adults, she also has a whole series of classes and summer camps for children. They cover everything from table manners, to social situations, digital diplomacy and more. Our boys have done her classes, and I can’t say enough good things about them.

As I told them going into the class, your looks will get you the first date, but you will need manners to get you the second.

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