On this week’s episode of The 425 Show we had a chance to catch up with Ben Wobker, the founder of Lake Washington Physcial Therapy. Ben takes “committed to community” to a whole new level.

As a leader in the physical therapy community, with multiple locations, Ben has partnered with expertly trained and licensed therapists that are passionate about building long-lasting relationships with their clients by specializing in quality healthcare.

An avid athlete, Ben has had his share of injuries along the way. His early experiences of receiving physical therapy to rehab after being injured left an impression on him, and started him on a path to being a physical therapist himself. Ben grew up in a family of teachers, so it was a natural fit for him to include seminars on injury prevention and health education as well.

Their first location opened in 2009 downtown Kirkland. In 2016 they partnered with Matt & Kelli Sato to open their second location in the Houghton.  neighborhood of Kirkland. Their third location is, Boones Landing PT, located just outside of Portland in partnership with Rene and Jason James, continuing their commitment of providing  health and wellness to the Wilsonville area and surrounding community. Stay tuned for their fourth location in Kenmore, opening later this year.

While Lake Washington PT pays the bills, Ben’s true passion is about providing education to his clients and peers in the community. Since 2010 they have put together over 50 seminars which include lectures, and training course from athletes, physicians, massage therapists, authors and world renown therapists that can be viewed on their Facebook page anytime.

Join Heidi Biehl on March 13th, in Redmond TOCA , or Andy Schmetzer, April 11th in Kirkland for their Soccer Rehabilitation courses. For a full list of upcoming lectures and events you can visit their website.

A a way to give back to their community, and continue to support local business Lake Washington PT started a ‘fun’ way to turn their cancellation fees into a positive! They offered their clients a chance to either pay the $40.00 cancellation fee, or bring in 4 cans of food.

From there they helped create Hopelink’s Can Madness for the month of March where local businesses complete to see who can raise the most for the Hopelink Foodbank, and they started the Shamrock Run in Kirkland as a way to help raise funds.

So while we hope you stay injury free, Ben, and his crew at Lake Washington PT have you covered – just in case.