With everyone starting to get out more, it feels like one big coming out party. And nothing beats a piece of statement jewelry when you are ready to celebrate. Camisha Jackson, owner of Lunaversoul Jewelry creates some of the most amazing, one of a kind, pieces from everyday jewelry to pieces of wearable art – and how she got there even surprises herself.

Camisha is a self-taught jewelry designer and calls her pieces “modern, authentic, unique, boldly fierce, and empowers others to see themselves as the shinning star of their story”.  What started as creating a bracelet for her birthday has grown into being featured in top magazines, such as The 425 Magazine, Forbes, and her jewelry was used for Seattle’s metropolitan fashion week, at Museum of Flight.

Working as a 3D graphic designer for a video company, Camisha wanted to buy herself a piece of jewelry for her birthday, but wasn’t finding anything that fit her style. Buying some beads, and items at her craft store she made a unique bracelet for herself. Returning to the store for some more items she was stopped by another shopper who asked where she got her bracelet – and that turned into selling it right off her arm! This happened a second time with a pair of earrings, and she thought this could be something she good do on the side.

Creating some pieces and posting them on Etsy, about a month into making items a representative from the Smithsonian Institute of National Museum of African American History and Culture contacted her to create 4000 pieces of jewelry – Camisha thought this had to be a joke. It was no joke, the Smithsonian wanted to sell her jewelry at their  National Museum of African American History and Culture. Taking the leap she agreed to make the pieces and made the decision to give up her job as a graphic designer and started Lunaversoul in 2007.

Camisha’s passion for creating her pieces are often inspired by a certain mood she’s feeling. This can come from seeing someone’s outfit on the street and creating something with similar colors, an angle of a building, or even a song.

To say Camisha’s jewelry making business grew over the years is an understatement! Lunaversoul has become one of the most unique brands for innovative handmade pieces in the area. Recently featured on The King Five News, her pieces have been used in high fashion magazine’s, on the runway’s of fashion week in New York, the show The Biggest Loser, and she created a custom piece for Grammy Award-winning artist Erykah Badu.

If you would like purchase some of Camisha’s amazine pieces, you can shop online, or set up an appointment to view her shop in Renton. I highly recommend you follow her on Instagram to see some of her stunning pieces! Check out her Facebook account and follow her Youtube Channel to see the process of her jewelry making.