I’ve always admired people that have the ability to express their creativity through art. My guest today Carrie Schmitt, with Carrie Schmitt Design radiates her passion of art through beautiful one of a kind canvas pieces, note cards, fashion items and so much more! She is the epitome of turning a bad situation into something truly meaningful, and beautiful.

After being diagnosed with a rare life threatening allergy to heat she was bedridden and unable to go outside for months. One day a voice popped in her head and said, “Now that your life is over, you might as well do what you want and paint”. Carrie starting painting from her bedroom, and developed a deep love of the healing she felt through being able to express herself, her thoughts, and feelings into art. Since 2009 she’s turned her whole world upside down and became a full time artist, author, and creative mentor through her online classes and workshops.

Carrie takes creating art to a whole new level! Her gallery alone is filled with amazing one of kind, colorful pieces to purchase. Her “Participate In Kidness Movement” postcards are a wonderful gift idea – you receive 52 cards and send one card each week for a year to spread love and brighten someone’s day. Her shop contains so much more! From greeting cards, tote bags, napkins, and even some fashion items each piece is unique and offers something for everyone. For a full list of her shop items you can visit her shop page. If you can’t decide on what to buy because you love so many pieces – check out her upcoming art book, “The Story Of Every Flower”. A coffee table inspired book, bringing 65 pieces of her art to your home, and her journey through the past 10 years.

Another way Carrie has gotten creative in bringing art to you are her virtual online courses. Take a break from your busy day and learn to paint expressive floral bouquets, through video tutorials that will demonstrate each step of the process from start to finish. No experience necessary as you’ll learn how to select and mix patterns, find floral inspiration and choose your color palette. How fun is that! You can get the kids involved too as most of her online classes are for ages 12 and up. For a full list of her online classes and workshops you can visit her online class page.

Pre-COVID you could find Carrie out and about in her famous Rosie Bus! She converted a 2002 Bluebird short school bus into a mobile art studio and was traveling storefront in her “Rosie the Art Bus.” Set up to paint inside the bus and on top of the rooftop deck she would invite local musicians to join her and to celebrate and share the arts.

When things open up again Carrie will be offering her “Artful Adventures” where you can spend a day with Carrie for your very own unique private painting session, and a day full of inspiration and adventure. Each adventure is custom tailored for you and your guests, and will enjoy private painting sessions with Carrie, and paint side by side from start to finish. For more information on The Rosie Bus check out her Bus page.

You don’t have to be an art expert to appreciate Carrie’s beautiful pieces she creates! Her website offers something for everyone, great gift ideas, hostess gifts, or just even sending an uplifting note card to a loved one can go a long way. Follow her on Facebook for new pieces, and Instagram for inspiring quotes and images.