Christina Threlkheld, a licensed esthetician with Beauty By Christina, joined us on The 425 Show today sharing her passion to help all human beings look and feel their best. As a compassionate skin care specialist for over 20 years, her private practice through Valley Medical, Breast Center specializes in helping women battling cancer, uplift their spirit, and lessen the side effect challenges to the skin from cancer treatment.

Cancer can affect all areas of your life, including your skin. Christina is special-trained to support cancer patients, and understands specific products will help calm, hydrate, and strengthen their skin. With the help of breathing techniques and words of encouragement she helps restore beauty and dignity to her patients fighting cancer, or those in need of some self care..

With her love of makeup at a very young age, Christina has always wanted to make people feel, and look their best. After losing her Grandmother to cancer, and watching her Mom care for her it struck a cord with her she wanted to expand her skin care expertise and offer free services to her clients battling cancer. Undergoing oncology trainingĀ  she started her non-profit organization Compassionate Healing, providing services that are designed to help them through this unplanned journey.

Along with her in office services, the second Tuesday of each month, patients can enjoy an evening of pampering for two hours. Dimly light rooms with candles, and calming music, patients will go through deep breathing exercises, and sample products donated by some of her top skin care companies. For more information on Christina’s class or to help donate to her organization you can visit her donation page.

For those in need of some self care, Christina offers numerous services to fit all of her clients needs! From facial / body treatments to waxing and eyebrow tinting, there’s something for everyone. Try her popular facialĀ  ‘dermaplanning’, an easy, effective procedure involving the use of a surgical blade to remove dead skin. For a more relaxing experience try her ‘ultimate facial’ which combines the advanced microdermabrasion treatment along with a glycolic peel. Your skin will feel like velvet and a full facial with shoulder & neck massage is included for relaxation too.

For more information about Christina’s services, or to book an appointment online visit her website. Follow her on Facebook for more information about upcoming events and special offers.

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