We all have our idea of how parenting will go before having children. But the reality is often quite different. If you’re struggling, know that you’re not alone. Expectations are set high when we become parents, trying to achieve the perfect family. Christy Keating, Certified Parent Coach The Heartful Parent is passionate about ensuring every parent gets the support they need on their parenting journey. From toddlers to teens she works with clients to determine what their challenges are and what their perfect family ideal is – ultimately “Building more love, joy, and connection.”

Through parent coaching, speaking, and education services she wants parenting to be fun! Recognizing parenting can be difficult she feels honored to help them achieve the best family dynamic. Every child needs and deserves a sense of belonging, and it’s her job to help parents provide that in the most authentic and heartful way possible.

After 12 years as a prosecuting attorney she had her first daughter. Staying on as an attorney for 8 years and balancing being a Mom Christy found herself not feeling grounded, trying to balance her career and adjusting to her new family dynamic. Loving the career she was in her mind, and passion started to shift wanting to become the best she can be to her daughter, and help others she knew were struggling in parenting too. Attending Parent Coach Institute, and obtaining her credentials through Seattle Pacific University, in 2018 she made the leap to leave her job as an attorney and start The Heartful Parent business.

Often as parents we are taught to not talk about the struggles we have at home. Parents feel ashamed things aren’t going the way they imaged having a family was supposed to look like. Christy offers three easy ways to work with her that fits your parent coaching needs, with realistic goals.

  • One on One Coaching Packages – Five different coaching packages designed specifically for you. One of the most popular the Premier Heartful Transformation Package – designed for parents looking to create transformative and sustainable change in order to bring more joy and connection to their families.
  • Heartful Academy – A transformational membership for parents who strive to be thoughtful, intentional, and heartful as they parent, but want the support of a trained parenting professional to guide and support them on their way.
  • Public Speaking and Classes – Sign up for virtual events. for experiential learning to introduce new concepts and ideas, and use the dynamics of the group classes to expand awareness, and provide new perspectives on issues.
  • Savvy Parents Safe Kids – Keeping your kids safe out in the real world is just as important as keeping them safe online. Visit Christy’s resource page for free information or to schedule a video call.


If you’re ready to get a jump start on starting the New Year off right working on your relationships with your kids, or need some extra advice on some challenges your are facing contact Christy for a free consultation! You can follow her on Facebook Savvy Parents Safe Kids and The Heartful Parent for upcoming events and workshops.

In this weeks real estate update I shared what’s important if you are considering buying a condominium vs. a single family home. Be sure you are working with an agent that is aware of the following.

  • Resale certificate – what is it, what does it mean?
  • Owner occupancy percentages – how it affects financing
  • Rental restrictions – may affect how long you own the property
  • Reserve study – what’s the potential for surprises down the road
None of these come into play with single family, so if the agent doesn’t know about them it can affect whether or not sale goes through.