When we think about swim lessons we typically think about our kids. However, almost half of adults today don’t know how to swim. My guest Cori Myka, owner of Orca Swim School specializes in adult swim classes. Not only does she teach them to swim, she helps adults overcome the mental and physical barrier they may have experienced with swimming in the past.

Many adults have tried traditional swim courses with no success. They feel embarrassed or frustrated and feel it’s too late in life. With over 20 years of teaching adult non-swimmers, Cori discovered learning to swim was 80% mental, and 20% physical. Cori feels passionate, and privileged to be a part of her clients swim journey – which dramatically changes their life.

Cori’s program is not your traditional, sign up for swim lessons, come to the pool and learn to swim! Her experience as a life coach she starts her clients off through her online courses, teaching them by changing your thoughts and beliefs about swimming, the water, and what you are capable of as individual – you learn your mind is what drives the change. She developed an online program that would lay the foundation of change and learning for adult non-swimmers that could be started before they got to the pool.

All new students can start through their Foundations of Change program an online course to help you build a foundation of the mental work required before starting your in-pool lessons. You begin the mental shift needed to get the most out of your in-person learning experience, allowing you to be more prepared for a new and exciting experience during the in-person class.

Cori recognizes it can be a bit daunting to take the plunge and sign up for her courses. She recommends starting with her Feel Better Now – Mini Lookie course.¬†This mini-course is a short, but powerful tool to start making changes in your life right now. Cori teaches you how to start using your thoughts about swimming in a new way, so you can stop wishing for change, and actually produce change- plus it’s free!

Her Fear To Freedom – Dip Your Toe In membership offers everything you need to be ready for an in-person class.¬† Mental preparation, support, and a safe way to start. Orca Swim School also offers snorkeling! Have you ever been on vacation and longed to experience snorkeling in the ocean but wanted to be more educated than a 1 hour lesson at a resort? Check out Cori’s Snorkeling 101 course – a step by step guide you can take anywhere to confidently enjoy your next tropical vacation without being an expert.

If you’ve been feeling like an outsider when around water and want to dive in with confidence give Cori a call! You can start with a free 20 minute consultation to find what works best for you – she truly has designed a course that fits everyone’s needs. For a full list of her products check out her products page, to find the membership that best suits you. You can follow Orca Swim School on Facebook for upcoming events, and more swim tips.