Today was all about health on The 425 Show. Registered Dietitian’s Jessica Hoffman, Lida Buckley, Megan Vucinovich, and Therapist Cassie Kinson from Crave Health joined me, chatting about everything from diets, therapy in eating habits and the science that goes into why we eat or don’t eat the foods we choose.

Crave Health, founded in 2009 by Ashley Besecker, has created a dynamic team of health experts, focusing on nutrition, counseling, and genetic testing. They are invested in supporting their clients through wellbeing, which leads to empowerment, balance, and happiness.

Each woman on the Crave Health team provides a unique expertise to the clinic. Jessica Hoofman’s philosophy is through dietary changes, you can achieve a variety of health benefits. By providing genetic testing to her clients she can pin point what genes are driving your eating habits. Craving donuts all the time? You may have the sweet tooth gene! The testing results allows Jessica to assess her clients as a whole, including diet, sleep, stress, hormones, genetics and genomic influences.

Lida Buckley, a “Food Therapist”, focuses on long-term success. Often her clients come in and want to lose or gain weight, without realizing getting to the root of what got them there in the first place is what’s most important. Lida specializes in disordered eating, emotional eating, weight loss, and aging wellness, teaching her clients nutritional tricks, and bringing peace and joy back to eating. Through added therapy she helps clients to focus on achieving balance, over perfection.

With over 14 years of experience Megan Vucinovich believes it is important to adopt a life of moderation without deprivation.  Megan offers individual counseling for each client, with a motto that its more about the progress they are making rather than perfection.  Specializing in weight loss, disordered eating for teens and adults, metabolic disorder, and overall nutrition. She offers education, support, and motivation helping her clients achieve healthy practices in all areas of your life.

Cassie Kinson, one of the two therapists Crave Health provides is dedicated to helping you through all challenges in your life. Focusing on self awareness, depression, anxiety,eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia and many other concerns. Working closely with the Registered Dietitian’s so they can understand their clients behavior, and build a solid foundation for success.

Whether you’re looking to change your eating habits, or dive into some deeper health testing, Crave Health and their team is there to help you succeed. You can visit their Bellevue office, schedule an in home appointment, or phone consultation . For a full list of their providers visit their website, and follow them on Facebook for nutritional tips.