It’s always fun chatting with other Windermere agents. Today I caught up with Dana Adams, a successful Eastside agent, and founder of Life Mapping Institute. Dana’s is incredibly goal driven and has created a wonderful real estate business. Her success with the life mapping process inspired her to help others learn the process so that they could achieve success in their lives too.

As one of the country’s top thought leaders on the life mapping process, Dana has inspired, empowered, and led thousands to embrace their gifts to live happy, abundant, and authentic lives. The life mapping process gives you the structure to turn your big goals into results.

At a very young age Dana began using the life mapping concepts of setting goals and using vision boards to accomplish them. In her late twenties she was inspired by a book “Life Mapping: A Unique Guide To Finding Your Vision and Reaching Your Potential”, by author Bill Cohen. Bill’s book gave Dana the tools to look inward and ask herself what was the most important thing she wanted to accomplish in her lifetime.

While raising her 4 boys and thriving in her real estate career, she had visions she was meant to do more. A year and half ago, with the help of Bill Cohen’s life mapping platform, she took the plunge and wrote her first book,  “Live Your Gift”. She offers guidance, and structure of why we choose to stay small instead of accomplishing our goals. Live Your Gift is a proven method for gaining the insight needed to live an authentic life. Along with her book she provides a “Companion Guide”, a workbook that is meant to go along with the book, allowing you to map your life.

For over 15 years Dana has taught her life mapping process, through public speaking, workshops and events. You can find a full list of her upcoming events, and workshops by visiting her Facebook Page. Her website also provides several resources to help you get started. You can easily download her Goal Inquiry Form – a “top-priority goal,” giving you the full picture of where you want to go and what you need to do to get there. Download her Today Worksheet that will help keep you organized and focused on your top priorities.

If you or someone you know is ready to take the next step of setting goals, and mapping out your life to reach your full potential give Dana a call! Dana’s workshops and events are inspiring for all ages. Look for her book, and audio version to hit Amazon soon. Visit Dana’s website for additional Blogs about regrets, and values that inspire you to start your journey to living your gift.