Finding connection is always an important. Even more so when you’ve just had a baby. Dana Guy, Executive Director for PEPS – Program For Early Parent Support joined me on The 425 Show today and shared her passion for the nonprofit organization that has helped parents connect, and grow as they begin their journey into parenthood.

Founded in 1983, PEPS parent support programs educate, inform and create community. They’ve become a vital resource for new parents, and parents expecting their 2nd or 3rd child in the Puget Sound region. Through parent groups, and parenting courses, they have helped thousands of families stay connected.

When Dana became a new Mother she was struck with some unexpected health issues her baby girl went through. Once home she was navigating her way through not only being a new Mom, but understanding how cope with a fussy baby. She reached out to friends and joined a weekly walking club, which helped her stay connected with friends, and the walk eased her daughters fussiness so she was able to sleep.

Dana realized she wanted to help more Mother’s struggling and started volunteering with her local PEPS program, leading courses that help other parents in a similar situation. She quickly moved up the ladder through many roles within the organization and in October was announced as the new Executive Director!

Dana and her 100’s of volunteers are truly passionate about creating a space for parents to gather, share experiences, and let parents know they are not alone. Each meeting starts with everyone sharing their highs and lows of the week – what worked for one family and what may not work for another family, and that’s okay.

Their PEPS program is more than just a weekly meeting. They offer numerous courses from stay at home Mother’s, the struggles of working Mother’s to new Dads and their role in parenting. Their Newborn program is designed for parents to attend with their babies, aged 2-16 weeks old, when the group starts. For second parents they offer their Little Peppers course, where one parent attends with 2 children, a toddler 3 and under, and a newborn 0-6 months. For a full list of their courses you can visit their website.

If you are new parent, or have friends that are expecting and need some assistance connecting with others check out PEPS! You can follow them on Facebook for great parenting tips, upcoming events and programs. PEPS are always looking for volunteers and are happy to train anyone that is interested.