Today on The 425 Show one of my long time friends Dane and Sarah McCormick joined me sharing he and his wife’s new adventure, and passion for creating the best quality jams through McCormick Jam Co. Founded on their love of quality foods, and locally sourced ingredients they provide the best jams, that are lightly sweetened with local honey and ORG raw sugar.

What started as a love of cooking, growing up with a ‘foodie’ family, and Dane’s Mom’s love of making jam turned into a bit of an obsession of perfecting the perfect jam -that’s not just used for toast. Using their experience in local food communities they curate a seasonal selection of flavors for their customers, and are creating relationships with farmers, businesses and community.

Dane and Sarah both worked at The Metropolitan Market and have been passionate about quality food for years. Growing up Sarah learned how to cook amazing meals side by side with her Mom and has continued sharing her love of cooking for family and friends. Sarah started playing around with some ingredients with store bought fruits and realized she needed top quality ingredients -so she turned to her local farmers right in their own backyard of Fall City.

They have taken unique jam flavors to the next level! They’ve kicked up the classic strawberry Jam and created a strawberry balsamic – a true strawberry flavor. The balsamic vinegar brings out the acidity in the strawberries, and their favorite way to use it is on a salad with beets and goat cheese, and also pairs well on a classic English muffin. Their plum bourbon have Italian plums and paired with delicious bourbon making for fantastic Jam to go with Cheese’s as well as making barbecue sauce, and putting over the top of meatloaf. Their latest unique flavor they’ve created is dandelion jam! The essence of local honey in the Valley, with floral notes.

So how do you get your hands on these delicious jams? They offer two sizes of jars, for $7 and $12. You can visit their Facebook page and place an order through messenger, or their website and call in an order. With an order of $36.00 or more, Dane will deliver right to your front door – for free! You can find them every Thursday at the Burien Farmers market, and be on the look out for them in Duvall and Snoqualmie markets too in the near future. For a full list of their upcoming events you can visit their events page on Facebook, and Instagram.

If you’re looking to support some other small businesses in the area check out some of their favorite hot spots! Rhodies BBQ, family owned restaurant and known for their famous Trailboss pork sandwich – was voted Seattle’s best BBQ and best show booth each year they entered! Take the family out for some good old fashioned berry picking at one of their favorite farms Harvold Berry Farm – offering seasonal you pick raspberries and strawberries.

Today I talked about what’s happening in the real estate market. The new stats are out, check out the graph below showing that you are 12% more likely to sell your home in April of 2020 vs April of 2019. If you are thinking about buying or selling, or have more questions on the market please feel free to contact me.