Today on The 425 Show I caught up with friend and life / career coach, Dr. Jennifer Kim, owner of Balanced Path Coaching. Jennifer’s unique style of coaching helps others transition from their unfulfilling career where they feel stuck and overwhelmed to a job that they are truly excited to go to everyday. She’s helped 100’s of small business owners grow their business by teaching them to work smarter, not harder to achieve a better work / life balance.

Whether you’re thinking about making a career change, need to make some adjustments where you are at, or overwhelmed with a lot of ideas that you aren’t sure how to implement, Jennifer can help. She uses strategic questions to draw out what her clients really want and holds them accountable until they reach their ultimate, ideal result.

As a successful dentist for over 15 years Jennifer found herself going through the motions in her career. At the top of her career, professionally and financially, the more successful she became the more stressed out she was. Knowing she had to make a change she hired a life coach and realized she was in the wrong career. Taking a leap of faith, she left her career as a dentist to discover her real purpose, passion, and strengths. Starting Balanced Path Coaching she is dedicated to help others find their own purpose and get excited to go to work everyday!

More than 85% people dislike their job, or are in the wrong career.

If you are thinking about making a change, one of the first things to identify are your strengths. From there you can figure out the next steps that are best for you. Jennifer offers a FREE accurate personality assessment to discover your strengths and how to capitalize on them. The Core Values Index Key (CVI)┬áis the most accurate personality test to determine your best attributes, and how you’re wired so you can work smarter allowing more time to do the things you love.

Jennifer offers several unique coaching packages, designed for your individual coaching needs. With her free consultation she’ll help you select a package that works best for you. Try her 3 month Discovery package, which includes 2 – 50 minute personal coaching sessions – or a more extensive 12 month Balance package, 2 – 50 minute personal coaching sessions, 50 minute personality assessment and a 15 minute emergency call. What ever your career coaching needs are, Jennifer has you covered! Follow her on Facebook for helpful, empowering videos to get your day jump started.

If you would like more information on how you can get started on a career change, or set up an appointment contact Jennifer today.