Part of what connects a community is having a place to gather. For many of us, it’s the local coffee house. Aroma Coffee Company, in Fall City is that kind of place. My guest Emily Ridout, co-owner of the coffee company brings more than just a good cup of Joe to the area – it’s craft coffee with a cause. Emily shares her passion for coffee and community with her co-owners, Sara Cox, and Kelsey Wilson allowing them to honor their values in their families, friendships, and community.

It’s true they have some of the best coffee, but what fuels them is stronger than caffeine – it’s a way to bring the community together, offering a safe place to gather. They will make you feel like you belong, and educate you along the way on their craft coffee.

What started as a dream, and vision back in 2007 of a community-centered coffee shop in Fall City had finally come together. They have created a space where people from all walks of life can gather and form connections. Watching businesses in the area thrive, and fail they were determined to wait for the right time, and the right partners to obtain, and build their perfect shop, forming a social enterprise – ‘coffee with a cause’.

With their eyes and heart set on a historic building in down town Fall City they finally had the opportunity purchase the building with the help of their partners the Nelson family, owners of TreeHouse Point, and host of the popular reality show Treehouse Masters. Maintaining the city’s request of keeping the integrity of the historic building, and with limited funds, they reached out the community for help to finish their project and raised over $37,000 form the community!

The past 13 years has had it shares of ups and downs! Working through the challenges with septic issues in Fall City they continued to stay positive, in hopes on their journey to opening their shop. Just when things were looking up with obtaining their historic landmark, and build out plans were approved – COVID 19 hit. Their lease date started in April, and they had to take a heartbreaking choice to push pause for the moment. Keeping their dream alive, and with the outpouring support from the community, they finally opened their doors in September – and had lines out the door!

Not only do they offer a warm, cozy atmosphere, (along with outside seating) to enjoy your beverage of choice they share their true passion of educating their customers on the coffee they use. Visiting and working with high-quality roasters, and shops throughout the region they have discovered the values that matter in developing the perfect craft – product quality, consistency, and strong partner relationships. What goes better with coffee other than some sweet treats! You can check out their list of coffee drinks, and seasonal pastry items, on their menu page.

Whether you are brewing at home, or picking up a cup to go Emily shared three great educational tips for all coffee drinkers:

  • Never freeze your coffee! – People have been mislead that freezing keeps the coffee fresh, when in fact it does the opposite.
  • Grinding your coffee – Grind your coffee as close to when you plan to drink it for the best flavor.
  • Date of coffee: – If you don’t see a date on the bag of coffee, don’t buy it! Coffee only lasts about 30 days so spend a little extra to find a bag that has a date on it.

For more information on Aroma Coffee, and their story or to visit check out their website. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming promotions, new menu items and amazing coffee images.







The past 13 years have been filled with ups and downs that, at times, have led us to believe that this dream wouldn’t be possible. From long-standing challenges with the septic system in Fall City, to waiting for the right partners to purchase the building, to obtaining approval from the Historical Landmark for the necessary build-out (and so much more) the Aroma journey has been marked by patience, perseverance, partnership, and purpose. We are humbled by the opportunity to pursue this dream.