We mixed it up a bit on this week’s episode of the 425 show, and focused more on real estate.

One of the biggest questions that comes up is, how do you hire the right agent? There’s a difference between a good agent, and the right one.

Choosing an agent involves finding an agent with the right mix of competency and chemistry.

Competency involves things like:

  • How active are they in the market?
  • Can they articulate the market cycles in a 12 month period and how they adjust their strategy accordingly
  • How active are they in your geographic area and / or type of property?

Chemistry involves:

  • The obvious: do you like them
  • Do you trust them: are you comfortable giving them the keys to your house when you aren’t home?
  • Do you trust their process? Each agent has their own process for how they help clients buy and sell houses. Does theirs work for you?

Next we talked about how you find an agent:

  • Referrals remain the best way to find an agent. Any agent who is focused mostly on referrals for their source of business, understands that how you get things done matters, which means better service for you.
  • Open houses can be a great way to find an agent as well. It’s essentially a pre interview, and you can decide if they feel like a good fit before having to commit to a meeting.
  • The internet is increasingly becoming a place for clients to connect with an agent. It’s a bit more random in terms of who you get paired up with, though, and the level of service that they provide.

Looking to hire an agent? We would love the opportunity to chat with you. Click here to connect with us. Either way, here are some questions to ask the next time to you sit down with an agent.

As a Seller:

  1. What is your marketing plan?
  2. What is your pricing strategy?
  3. What do you recommend to get my property parade ready?

As a Buyer:

  1. What is your offer negotiation strategy?
  2. What is your search strategy?

Until next week…