Do you ever walk through the farmers market and wonder what to do with everything? I love buying beautiful, locally grown produce, but I’m always at a loss when I get back home. Acme Farms and Kitchen Boxes to the rescue! They have the perfect meal kits to impress your family, and guests as we work our way back into entertaining, and they can accommodate virtually any style of eating – vegetarian, vegan, or full on carnivore. Acme Farm Boxes set themselves apart by all the other meal delivery companies by sourcing the absolute best and local ingredients, with minimal packaging, delivered fresh to your front door. 

Celebrating ten years, they make it simple to shop, cook, and eat local, saving you the dreaded nightly question – “what’s for dinner”? Local ingredients produced by their local farmers, makers, and bakers are paired with quick and delicious recipes, created by their chef and change weekly.

Joy started Acme when her daughter was young and her husband was in the midst of starting a blueberry farm. She found it difficult to visit famers markets gathering local, fresh ingredients. They came up with the idea to create boxes of food they would like to eat, while helping local producers, farmers, fishers, and bakers in the region. From their curated ‘Family Boxes’ – 3 to 4 quick family dinners, to their ‘Vegetarian Boxes‘ they have something for everyone. 

30% to 40 % of food is wasted before it even gets to your home. What makes Acme Farm Boxes unique is they offer their customers to place their order a week in advance allowing the producers to sell them only the items needed for each box. When you open a farm box you’ll see all the fresh vegetables on top, minimal packaging, and you’ll feel like you picked these items up yourself at the market. 

Jeff and Joy are passionate about working with their chef to create fun, and seasonal recipes for their customers. This month they have a double date night box, invite some friends over for a Thai-themed Double Date Night – cooking two delicious meals together. Get the kids into cooking with their super fun kids boxes, that are loaded with simple and fun favorites to enjoy for breakfast, lunch/dinner, snacks, and sometimes dessert.

Most kits include 3 to 4 dinners that can be purchased one time, or you can subscribe to their meal plans and gain Acme Awards! Along with their meal kits you can shop their local marketplace and add on locally sourced items like farm fresh eggs, breakfast items, and desserts. 

If you would like a few nights off of planning the perfect meal order an Acme Box today! For a limited time Acme Farms was generous to offer $20.00 off your order using the code “The425show”. Send a kit to a family member, or gather some friends and have a fun night with drinks and cooking together. Follow them on Facebook for special offers, and Instagram for their weekly recipes.