We could all use some form of calm in our life, and what better way than having a one of a kind piece of art from Jen Chambers Art in your home- creating unique, peaceful and tranquil, modern art pieces that make you smile. Inspired by textures that are found in the natural landscape in the Northwest Jen draws from her inspiration by creating textures from images of water, textures around the city, and is passionate to bring joy and serenity to her clients homes.

Jen’s pieces are modern abstract, with acrylic mixed medias as well as encaustics – a super fun way of incorporating bees wax, and damar resin together.  Her style, “although always highly textural, ranges greatly, allowing her freedom in artistic experimentation, resulting in constant evolution”.

Born and raised in the Northwest Jen obtained her degree in interior design which she pursued for over 10 years. Buying her first home with her husband they were on the hunt for some art for their home and not finding anything they liked, with some art training as a child she took a stab at making a few pieces. After hosting a gathering a friend asked where she could get those pieces – Jen sold her very first painting and was hooked on the idea of creating more. In 2005 she made the leap to become a mixed media artists and couldn’t be happier.

Jen has many pieces in stock and available to purchase online, although her true passion is doing commission pieces for her clients. Jen works with her clients through an in person/virtual viewing of your space you want the piece to go, and the feeling they are looking for. Whether you’re looking for something in your entry, bedroom, or office space Jen puts her heart in soul into each piece – and is overwhelmed with joy when her clients are thrilled with their piece.

Jen’s art can be found in numerous places on the Eastside and in some galleries in Seattle. Check out the full list below to buy her art, or set up a appointment to view her pieces through the galleries.

If you would like to set up a time to chat with Jen about a one of a kind piece you can contact her today! There’s no obligation to move forward with a piece. To view upcoming events and her latest pieces you can follow her on Instagram, and Facebook.