Personal branding was our theme today, and no one is better at it than Kim Peterson of Uniquely Savvy.

Talk about being the whole package! Voted a woman to watch by 425 Magazine, click here for the video. Kim personifies beauty from the inside out, and building a brand that tells your story. Check out the full 425 Magazine article here.

Most people initially meet Kim through her style consulting services. Thinking they are meeting to update their outer look, Kim quickly teaches them that it starts with your beliefs, goals and self talk. She can help you identify what’s holding you back, and shift things around so that you can truly embody your new you.

Listen in to our lively conversation for some amazing tips.

If you would like to work with Kim individually, click here to check out her one on one options. Kim also has some great workshops, including one coming up May 19th called Reclaim Your Life, Live Your Version of Success.

I’ve attended events with Kim before, and always learn something great.

And if you happen to find us out on the Cross Kirkland Corridor walking our dogs, Mr. Dr. Prescott, below, be sure to say hello!

*Picture courtesy of Kim Peterson*

Here’s the chart I referenced regarding the best time to sell your home:

As always, it’s important to tailor you plan to what works best for you, but if you are thinking about selling in the next few months, sooner may be better than later. To find out more about the market, send me a note at

See you next week!