The man of many talents joined us today on The 425 Show. Larry J. Snyder, Author, Public Speaker, Fundraiser Auctioneer, extraordinaire shared his passions in life from his many years spent in Italy, to his admiration for his Mother.

Larry’s full days include helping domestic and international causes with philanthropy and fundraising support.

With his passion for traveling and everything Italian, Larry has made over 20 trips across the Atlantic to experience various parts of Italy. While hosting an exchange student one year, he and his partner, Jill had the opportunity to visit a small village and were introduced to the magical place of Montanare in Tuscany.

Mountanare is a small village of only 250 people, where no one speaks English, yet they have made many friends that have become an extension to their own family. They fell in love with the slow pace of living, and embraced the Italian culture. His passion for Montanare inspired his fist book Miracles in Montanare: Ten Years in Tuscany, a collection of his families adventures.

It’s no wonder Larry fell in love with the little Italian village as the people he met embodied everything he grew up with. His Mother’s dedication to helping those that needed help the most shaped who he is today.

Following his Mom’s path of serving the community, Larry visited Sierra Leone with Schools for Salone, a Seattle-based organization that builds first-access, basic-education schools. With his digital camera he snapped a picture of a group of girls and as he showed them the picture, one girl said ‘which one am I’. This forever altered his life, and inspired him to write his second book “Which One Am I”This book shares the unique paths of 12 remarkable human beings, that has impacted his life. Including his Mother.

“Which One Am I”, identifies how to make your difference in the world, rise to the occasion and reflect on what happened today that you’ll never forget. Larry brings his message through public speaking to corporations all over.  His mission is a 25-minute message to help turn the focus to what those lessons are and what you can do with them.

As the man of many hats, Larry has been helping nonprofit organizations, foundations, and international charities for over 20 years as well. Sharing his passion of giving back to the community as a fundraising auction professional.

*Photo courtesy of Larry J Snyder website* 

Larry juggles his hats well! If you would like more information about buying Larry’s books, public speaking, or auctioning your, public or private event please visit his website. You can also attend one of his great events, and follow him on his Which One Am I  Facebook for more information. Follow his future travels back to Italy with his Fotoialiana Facebook.