If you’re looking to mix up your eating routine by adding healthier options, adding micro-greens to your diet could be the perfect solution. Laura Patterson, owner of Hand Grown Greens is a long time farmer, growing some of the most impressive greens on the very farm she grew up on.

Microgreens are vegetable greens harvested just after the cotyledon leaves have developed, and can be used as a nutrition supplement. Laura’s DYI home growing kits offers a fun way to grow your own greens at home, watching the process from seed to greens over a 10 day process. Her variety of greens can be added to any meal, adding a sweetness or spiciness flavor – and they are great for kids!

As a 2nd generation family farmer, Laura wanted to continue that tradition with her family. Leaving her career as a healthcare provider she knew there was something more she could contribute.  What started as a way to spend time with her kids, and wanting to teach them how to grow their own food turned into something so much more.

At the time her kids were ages 2 and 3 so their attention span didn’t work well with Laura’s grand plan of spending hours in the fields. Using microgreens in her food she had the idea to start growing different green varieties that produced results in less than 10 days – which made it fun for her kids too! Laura started selling to Farmers markets, and restaurants and it grew from there creating your own DYI Microgreen kit and in less than 5 minutes a day you can have nutrient-dense greens to add to almost any meal.

Laura is passionate about teaching other’s on how the smallest and easiest step you can take to become healthier and more self-sufficient. With her DYI Microgreen growing kits, it’s like having you own little indoor garden. It’s also an amazing way to teach your kids how to grow, and love to eat their vegetables. Allowing her kids to start a microgreen pot they watch the process from start to finish and get to pick their own greens to add to their meal.

Some of her most popular greens, especially for kids are the pea shoots, which offer a sweet flavor to any meal. Broccoli, and kale are great for replacing your lettuce in a salad, with some crisp spiciness, and crunch. For a full list of products you can visit her website. If you’re like me and don’t always have a ‘green thumb’ in gardening you can check out her free growing video’s. If you’re ready to get more involved in growing your own garden you can sign up for her “Magic Microgreen” course online – with a special Spring offer of 50% off! Use code spring2021 through the end of April.

For more information on where you can buy Hand Grown Greens visit Laura’s website page of where to buy. You can follow her on Instagram for some more tips on growing your greens, and special offers. Check out her Facebook page for upcoming events and courses.