Today on The 425 Show I caught up with Laurie Klein, financial advisor, and founder of  Kaizen Financial. As my own personal financial coach, I can attest that Laurie is an expert in guiding her clients through the process of everything from planning for retirement to investments and saving for college funds. Kaizen, which means “improvement” or “change for the better,” refers to a philosophy or practice that focuses on continuous improvement of processes, life-coaching, and finance.

The concept of kaizen is taking small steps to achieve real results. It is an organizational attitude, approach, and philosophy, that Laurie and her associates are passionate, and dedicated to empower her clients to achieve their short – and long-term financial goals.

Laurie’s background in operations management, and accounting make her an expert in helping her clients that range in age from 40-70, focus on things they can control. Laurie’s approach is helping her clients ‘fill the holes in their bucket’. A visual analogy that has worked well for her clients. If you were to take your ‘life bucket’, and fill it with water what areas are leaking, and what plan will work best to fill those holes, and achieve your long-term financial goal. Along with long-term planning Laurie and her team can educate you on the benefits of 401k planning, estate planning, trusts, and  umbrella policies.

A financial plan must reflect the stage of life you are in. Whether purchasing a first home, financing a child’s college education or planning for retirement. A plan must reflect your personal or business situation, and highlight those financial products that best fit. Laurie helps her clients to prioritize what they are saving for, and keep those savings in separate accounts- ‘buckets’.

If you are thinking about what retirement looks like to you, need some advice in investment or financial planning give Laurie a call! For a full list of online resources, from cash flow, to your social security calculator you can visit her website.

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