Laurie Lamoureux from Seamless Moves joined us today – and I’m so glad she did. Laurie is one of those people that you wish existed, and when you find out they do, live instantly gets better.

Laurie’s company Seamless Moves is your one stop shop for everything from moving to household management and maintenance.

Picture moving from one house to another and having someone else vet the movers, oversee the packing, unpack AND organize things in your new house and manage the contractors to hang pictures, hook up appliances, etc.

Sounds like heaven doesn’t it?

Laurie does just that for her clients. On their personal homes, but also when dealing with estates or parents moving into assisted living. Her services are invaluable when you have things going to multiple places.

But you don’t have to move to call Laurie. One of the largest parts of her business is household management, which could include managing a few projects for a short period of time to longer term things. Imagine getting your garage cleaned out, the furnace serviced, gutters cleaned and the yard mowed all without having to wait around for that dreaded 3 hour window that always seems to turn into 4 or 5.

During the real estate section of the show, we chatted about contingencies. What are they, and what do they cover? The most common are the inspection and financing contingency. The handy info graphic below shows some of the reasons for each. Each real estate transaction is unique, though, so be sure to check in with your agent about how best to structure your offer.