It’s February and if you’re off track on your New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier – you’re not alone! More than 92% of people that make resolutions don’t make to January 12th. We get busy, and it’s easy to fall back into the routine you were used to. Today was perfect timing to have our guests David VanGeystel, and Liz Medeiros founders of Plant Life Meals, in Kirkland, on The 425 Show. Plant Life Meals offers macro-driven, vegan meals right to your front door.

David and Liz are passionate about sharing their vegan lifestyle, with their friends and community – providing plant-based healthy food, and helping the environment along the way. By taking the guesswork out of what to cook and how to cook it, you’ll have more time to do the things you love.

A few years ago David and Liz were both dealing with health issues and wanted to get to root of what was causing David’s back pain, and Liz’s acne flare ups. After much research, they realized what goes in your body, can be a huge factor in your health. Taking their already vegetarian lifestyle they realized by eliminating dairy, and all animal products their health issues dramatically cleared up, and felt better than ever – they were hooked on their new vegan lifestyle.

Sharing their story of their vegan transition on social media and with friends they had an outpouring of people that wanted advice and recipes. Liz starting sharing their story, and recipes through blogs but they wanted to help more people ultimately feel better about themselves so they started making their own meal plans to share with others. Their customer base is growing rabidly and surprisingly only two of their customers are vegan!

Their easy to navigate menu plan offers weekly plans that cater to your life style. Choose from their Ultimate Plan of 10 meals per week, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner or their Basic Plan which includes 5-9 meals. The best part is they make it super easy to start, stop, pause, and continue whenever you like! Every meal is made fresh – never frozen and delivered right to your front door. How easy is that! The menus change weekly, and you can find a full list of each weeks menu and delivery areas on their website.

You don’t have to be vegan to try their meals! David and Liz encourage you to try them for a week and see how you feel incorporating some healthy alternatives into your diet, or just want a break in cooking for a week. For more information on great recipe ideas, and how eating plant based meals helps the environment you can check out their blog page. Follow them on Facebook, and Instagram for more encouraging healthy lifestyle alternatives.