Love is in the air! Love Clarity Coach and founder of Straight To The Heart, Peggy Bennet joined us on The 425 Show today. An exclusive dating, and matchmaking service, Peggy offers a boutique style service, that streamlines the process of dating and helps clients find meaningful and loving partnerships. Through Peggy’s one-on-one coaching, she has helped 100’s of men and women take significant steps of finding what it is they truly want in a relationship.

If you are out there in the dating world, we get it, it’s tough! With the overwhelming dating application, it’s easy to want to give up searching for ‘Mr. -Ms. Right’. Straight to the Heart carefully screens, and filters individuals, and Peggy hand selects matches, using her intuitive wisdom, expertise, and passion for helping people find love.

As a long time stylist for Nordstrom, Peggy encountered single clients on a daily basis who shared their frustrations with the dating world. Combining her natural ability to bring people together socially, and help them look their best for an upcoming date, she took the plunge and started her own coaching and matchmaking service 4 years ago.

Looking, and feeling your best is more than the perfect outfit. Peggy offers a 3 month, customized coaching course – 8 Step System, on Manifesting your Soulmate. A signature program that is customized for you and includes the eight necessary steps on manifesting the partner of your dreams. It covers topics such as the importance of self love and worthiness, forgiveness, belief, creating morning rituals, making clear intentions, and so much more. Writing out what it is you truly want out of a relationship, Peggy will hold you accountable so you can attract your soulmate.

For some online love advice you can catch Peggy’s weekly podcast ‘Real Souls’ where she shares entertaining topics that range anywhere from in-depth spiritual discussions, to dating tips. Weekly guests from specialists and experts, along with every day men and women, share their wisdom, their triumphs, their personal stories and their insights.

If you are or someone you know is stuck in the dating world, contact Peggy for a free consultation! Peggy’s love testimonials speak volumes of her passion for bringing people together. You can follow her on Facebook for upcoming dating events and tips.