Moving can be overwhelming, stressful, and let’s face it not a lot of fun. The logistics of getting everything from one place to another, can make your head spin. Michael Barlow and Lucas Dickey – co founders of Fernish are here to help! Fernish offers stylish, well made furniture that you can rent. Their timeframes are flexible, and you even have the option to purchase the furniture if you decide you want to keep it. It’s like “Rent The Runway” but for furniture.

Their white glove service means you can go online to select your furniture and they will deliver, assemble and arrange everything for you.

There are so many scenarios where renting furniture makes sense and now there is finally a great option available. Whether you only plan to be in a  place for a short period of time, it’s a second home and you need everything to show up at one time, or maybe you are going from a large house to something smaller and want to make sure it’s the right choice before fully committing.  In all of these scenarios and more, renting makes more sense for both cost and convenience.

The inspiration for Fernish came from Michael’s move to California a few years ago. The movers switched the labels and all of his furniture ended up in San Antonio, and he got the furniture that should have been in Texas. It took weeks to resolve and sparked the thought – there has to be a better way.

After working with Lucas at another Los Angeles based startup, they discovered they loved the idea of moving – but didn’t love the reality of the cost, and hassle of moving existing furniture that might not match their new place, and kicking cheap furniture to the curb.

Realizing they had more than moving in common, they shared an entrepreneurial spirit and a belief that they could flip the home furnishings industry. They came up with the idea of Fernish a convenient, flexible, and affordable way to upgrade your home for as little as $99.00 a month! Servicing the Seattle area, along with offices in Los Angeles and Orange County, they transform rooms into something you want to come home to.

From living rooms, bedrooms, and dinning spaces they have something for everyone. With trendy industrial, or Boho Chic decorating style’s they have a full list of ‘Goods’ to choose from. All of their furniture is ‘circular-ready™ product’, which means it’s durable and modular enough for them to give it a second life once you’re done using it. They do this through a combination of parts (or fabric) replacement and an 11-step sanitation and refurbishment process using sustainably sourced materials. It’s as easy as finding the furniture you would need, they deliver, assemble, and arrange! From there you can decide whether you would like to extend the amount of time of renting, swap for other items, or keep.

If you are getting ready to move, or even if you’re current furniture feels tired and dated, but you’re not ready to take the plunge on buying something new give Fernish a try! Fernish is offering a special 425 Show promotion – use code 425show and receive $75.00 off your first order! Follow them on Instagram for inspiring decorating ideas, and Facebook for new items, and discounts.