Spring is around the corner, which can spark the urge to do some cleaning around the house. Sometimes we get stuck, feel cranky, and overwhelmed and don’t know why, or what to do about it. My guest today Nicole Kincaid, founder of Stuffology – Energy clearing for home and office spaces specializes in helping people with that messy junk drawer, the pile of papers you never get to, or those extra rooms in your home you don’t enjoy hanging out in.

The difference between Nicole and a traditional clutter-clearer person is that a big part of her work is helping her clients see the meaning in their things and how your stuff relates to what’s going on in your life. Her energy clearing work is a non-touch method that lets the body relax in a way that creates space for healing and an overall sense of just simply, feeling better in your home and space – a therapy session for your home.

At a very young age Nicole moved around quite a lot, and found comfort in organizing each new space. When she was in her teens one of her Mother’s friend was going through some hard times and needed help organizing items in her home. Nicole found so much joy in not only helping her de-clutter, and organize her home but also offering assistance in letting go of some items that meant so much to her – but she didn’t need anymore.

Nicole relates her energy clearing and stuffology to two sides of a coin. On one side of the coin she helps people with all the things you CAN see, with her unique version of clutter and organization. On the other side of the coin she uses energy clearing for all the things you CAN’T see for your home or space that isn’t feeling so homey – but you just don’t know why.

Spaces shift and change so it’s important to remember you don’t have to be going through a big move to use her services! Nicole can help you tackle something as small as that one junk drawer you dread opening each day, to sorting through what you think about your stuff, and getting to the root of what’s causing you to feel irritable in your home.

Her space clearing can cause some raised eyebrows and hesitation – she gets it. There’s no sage, or Palo Santo, involved. Nicole shows up with tons of awareness, curiosity, and willingness to feel what’s going on in your space – and how she can change the overall energy. For a full list of her services you can check out her website.

Nicole works with several clients in their home, or if you aren’t comfortable she offers online sessions talking you through small tasks you can do weekly. Check out her online Stuffology class on April 6th, and follow her Stuffology Community on Facebook for tips on organization and up coming events. If you are or someone you know needs a little nudge in the organization department reach out to Nicole today!