We’ve all had the experience at some point in our lives. A seemingly brief or unexpected interaction changes our day, or even alters the course of our life. My guest Rama Ramani Author of “The Next Innings”, creatively captures that feeling of people’s paths crossing, for a purpose and reason. Rama has the amazing ability to teach valuable, leadership lessons, that are easy to relate to and implement.

The Next Innings is a suspense, fictional novel that employs the stream of consciousness technique at times. Based on the main character Vishwanathan, a 78 year old life coach, living in Chennai and a young couple, Jagan and Lakshmi, moving to San Francisco – and what happens when their lives intersect.

Coming to the United States in 1999, Rama didn’t set out to become an author. Working at Micorsoft he had a passion for sharing stories, and creative, inspiring ideas in the workplace with friends and family. His friends suggested, he put those thoughts on paper and write a book. His first book a non-fictional novel “Open Field Tackle: Leadership Tips From The Game For Career and Life” inspired by his love of American football, is his viewpoint looking at high performing athletes, and coaches, and how their mindset, discipline and work ethics have propelled them to greater success. In Rama’s words – “All of us at some point in our lives or careers, need a mental approach for an OPEN FIELD TACKLE of our issues to maximize our potential”.

To say Rama takes creativity to the next level is an understatement! His passion for expressing his take on life during difficult times, and what would you do when faced with difficult challenges sparked his idea for his first fictional book – The Next Innings. The twists and turns of each character’s paths crossing, and how they make an impact on each other’s lives.

We all have next innings in life and it’s important to remember you just never know how your lives are going to work out, and the impact of the people you connect with. The Next Inning’s is available on Amazon audio for $4.99, or you can purchase directly from Rama’s website for $2.99. For a paperback version you can contact Rama directly.

Such an inspiring story anyone is sure to love! Check out Rama’s website for more helpful blog posts like “The Art of Managing #1’s” a personal mantra to make the most of every moment and create memorable impact. Follow Rama on Instagram for inspiring quotes and updates on his upcoming book, a prequel to The Next Innings – called The First Innings.