Rebecca West Author of  “Happy Starts at Home” and the CEO of the interior design company Seriously Happy Homes, joined us on The 425 Show today. With a degree in Community and Environmental Planning, she comes to design not from a love of sofas,  but from a desire to create supportive and nurturing spaces. Rebecca’s philosophy is that when your space ‘feels good’ – your life feels good.

Whether you’re looking for some new design ideas, need a new in home office space, the perfect set up for homeschooling, or are ready for a full remodel – Rebecca and her team have you covered! A lot of people think hiring an interior designer isn’t too budget friendly, so they put off the desired changes in their home. Rebecca’s approach is to start by identifying the purpose of the project, what you are trying to accomplish – and why. Determining your budget, she and her team develop a clear, executable plan to accomplish your goal, which starts with her quick, online quiz – How Happy Is Your Home? 

Rebecca didn’t set out to be an Interior Designer – although she prided herself of always having the best decorated dorm room. Who would have known that it would evolve into something much bigger? Finding herself at a crossroads after some life changes Rebecca knew that it was time for something different. It started when Rebecca decided to make some changes around her own home to shift how she felt about it.  Realizing what a huge impact changing your space can have on your overall mental well being, she wanted to share that with others.

In 2013 she started her own design company to help other people feel happy in their homes too. Her team has grown over the years, and they are passionate about carving out a little corner of happiness for each client, no matter how big or small the project is.

Overflowing with ideas, and wanting to help others create their perfect space, with her assistance or on their own she wrote a book! Author of “Happy Starts At Home” – Change Your Space, Transform your life. This book is more than just a decorating book. Rebecca helps you figure out what you already know about your space – then motivates you to take action. With some basic, helpful questions and tips below you will be inspired to create the perfect space for you.

  • Why your house doesn’t quite feel like home
  • The best ways to spend money in your home (transformation does not have to be expensive)
  • How to make your space feel like home to everyone who lives there

Rebecca offers packages (flat fees) to fit everyone’s needs, you don’t have to jump into a full design project to use her services. Check out her full list of services on her website from her “Quick Action Session” – A 90 minute in-home session where a design superstar comes to your home, addresses your burning design questions, and gives detailed guidance to set you on a targeted path to home-happiness. Ready for overall re-design chat with her about her “The Works Session” – This is the whole enchilada! Complete, fully executable design plan for your room(s) with floor plans, finishes, and furnishings chosen from an assortment of retail establishments just for you.

If you would like more information, or to chat with Rebecca virtually give her call. You can follow her on Facebook, and Instagram for some inspiring design ideas.