Today on The 425 Show was all about the power of staying ‘present’ in today’s fast paced world. Sara Harvey Yao, owner of Yao Consulting Group works with top Executives focused on inside-out leader development.

Sara connects with people through public speaking, workshops and one on one coaching to provide tools that enable them to be more present both at work and home.  This allows her clients to be more effective leaders and have deeper relationships all while experiencing less stress.

*Photo courtesy of “First For Women“*

Sara started at an early age. In the early 1980’s She would often accompany her Dad, a corporate executive to work. Observing his communication skills, and how he connected with others sparked an interest for a similar career path. Starting her own business, as a corporate public speaker she was spending her days running from one event to another, with very little time in between. Exhausted, Sara knew she had to make a change.

Yao Consulting Group, is dedicated to helping corporate Executives who are feeling stuck and burnt out create space to increase creativity, productivity, and the level of enjoyment they get from their careers. Sara teaches her clients the power of presence, by taking them back to the beginning of what got them there and focusing on looking inwardly.

Sara’s goal with her clients is to not add anything else to their calendar, but to bring more presence to each action throughout the day. She is also a big fan of working in ‘white space’. Whether is leaving an extra 10 minutes between meetings to catch your breath, or carving out 1-3 hours a week that has no pre-set agenda so that you have time for those unexpected things that pop up.

Sara offers several tools, through her website, including Podcasts, and her two books: “Drop In, Lead With Deeper Presence and Courage“. which challenges your assumptions about the effectiveness of busy lives and offers an alternative approach to success. “Get Present”,  is learning how to be present, first with yourself, and then with others. And let’s not forget her, stress balls from “Lavender Luvies”! Packed with the amazing smell of lavender, her stress balls are utilized for it’s relaxing, calming and soothing stress relief.



If you would like more information about Sara, or set up a free consultation contact Sara Yao today. Follow her on Facebook for her upcoming public speaking events, workshops, and uplifting quotes of the day.