Feeling like you could use some more space? Tired of everyone talking over each other at the dining room table during zoom calls? Scott Carty of bAckspace Sheds has a solution that you can get excited about.

Scott specializes in custom made sheds and shelters designed for home offices, pubs, restaurants, art studios, home gyms, homework huts, Zoom booths, extra storage and anything else you can think of.

Scott spent most of his career as a radio and TV host traveling the country interviewing celebrities. When COVID hit and things slowed down he turned to his construction roots and passion for building. Going from ‘suits to boots’, he wanted to help home owners needing extra space separate from what they already had,

He has also partnered with chef and restauranteur Ethan Stowell to design and build beautiful outdoor shelters for his restaurants such as How To Cook a Wolfe in Madison Park. which means all of us are able to enjoy dinner out.

If you are spending hundreds of dollars on a storage unit just to hold your stuff, you could have Scott build you a custom shed that matches your roof line, and house paint, which adds value to your property and will ultimately save you money. Scott has also been creative in helping home owners enclose their deck, providing an additional, cozy outdoor space for entertaining – or spend some alone time reading a book.

You can check out Scotts designs of Facebook, and Instagram. For more information or pricing give Scott a call to set up an appointment 206.819.7829