Today was all about teenagers, and the highs and lows they face in today’s society. I had the pleasure of chatting with Sheri Gazitt the founder of Teenwise Seattle.She is dedicated to mentoring teen girls to find confidence, happiness, and calm. Thank you Sheri! The world needs you.

Sheri focuses on working with girls ages 8-18 to educate them, and their parents on difficult topics they face everyday such as friendship issues, perfectionism, peer pressure, anxiety, and stress.

Sheri started out as the “Go Girl” Director with the Women’s Sports Foundation, speaking to schools all over about making healthy choices. Eventually the grant ran out, but the requests kept coming in, so she created Teenwise Seattle.

As a parent of three daughters, Sheri understands the anxiety and depression teenage girls face every day. Staying on top of today’s teen issues, Sheri coaches teenage girls privately, finding out  what makes them happy, motivated, and excited about life. She provides guidance to help them discover their positive and powerful inner voice.

One of the biggest stresses Shari comes across with boys and girls is academics. Today kids are taught they won’t amount to anything or go anywhere unless they get straight A’s, making them feel they have to be the best of the best. When the kids are feeling stuck, Sheri offers coaching and workshops helping them find their inner joy, and create their own path to success.

Making friends in school today is much harder than it used to be! With the added stress of Social Media, and the constant second guessing of things posted or said is a huge factor of the need for perfectionism and peer pressure. Sheri created a book “Discovering Friendships” a helpful guide for girls in 5th through 9th grade providing activities that allow them to see how the information relates to their own life.

The success of helping our teenagers wouldn’t be possible without the parents! Sheri is developing an online course “PACE”, educating parents how to give your teens space but still stay connected. PACE will offer parents tools to support their changing teens, and teaching them how to look for the signs of depression before serious counseling is needed. Sheri offers so many valuable resources online as well, such as book recommendations for both teens, and parents along with helpful videos.

If you or someone you know is in need of some helpful coaching, have concerns about your teen, or are interested in one her workshops contact Sheri and Teenwise. You can also sign up for her monthly newsletter for helpful articles and stay connected of her upcoming events on Facebook.