If your New Years goals include eating better, then you’ll definitely want to tune into this episode of the 425 Show.  Sirish Davuluri, owner of New Origin Foods, has created an amazing line of ready-to-cook batters that can make pancakes, waffles, steamed idlys, dosas, crepes and much more.

All batters are 100% organic, gluten-free, vegan, filled with probiotics and a great source of protein.

Three years ago, as Sirish and his wife were expecting their third child. To satisfy her craving for traditional Indian  Dosas Sirish set out to make a healthier version than what was available in stores.

With his engineering background, he put his thinking cap on and spent 5 months of sleepless nights creating the perfect ‘dosas’ batter. The process not only consists of creating the right consistency, and taste but it takes more than a day to fully ferment and rise!

Serving his perfected batter to his wife’s friends at a Sunday get together, he received numerous offers to buy the batter. Sirish knew he had something. Taking his recipe to local farmer’s market, such as Issaquah Farmer’s Market his customer base grew quickly. He began mixing more ingredients and developed three new flavors. Sirish created their ‘green energy, with assorted greens, ‘awesome booster, with carrots, and their vibrant ‘red power’ with roasted beets. They also have an amazing ‘Fatihful Sidekick’ condiment. All vegetables are locally sourced.

New Origin Foods became so popular with repeat customer’s that were coming back with all the recipes they made with the batter. Not only were they using the batter for the original dosas as intended customer’s were making, waffles, traditional pancakes, muffins and more!

Sirish’s production has increased so much he now rents a commercial kitchen in downtown Kirkland. You can find him year-round on Saturday’s at the University Farmer’s Market. Can’t make the Farmer’s market? No problem. Sirish has made shopping online, easy and offers home delivery. How awesome is that?!

If you would more information on where to buy New Origin Foods, please visit their website. Follow them on Facebook for upcoming events they will be attending, and Instagram for more great recipe ideas.

In real estate news, I also chatted about the what’s happening in the market. One of the questions that sellers ask the most is “When’s the best time to sell”? Most people assume summer is best, but ask you can see from the graphic below, most homes come on the market in April, May and June. As a seller, that translates into more competition.

It might seem counter intuitive, but putting your home on the market in February and March can yield a better result as there are lots of buyers in the market, and they have fewer homes to choose from.

Want to know more about the market? Send me a note, and we can schedule a time to chat.