Sondra Firestein founder of Pursuit Concierge, joined us on The 425 Show today. It’s a membership-based lifestyle management service that is designed to help you do more of what you love. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by your never ending ‘to-do list’, Sondra and her team can act as your very own personal assistant! Whether you’re a family, business owner, or a busy dreamer, she can help delegate your tasks – so you can focus on what makes you happy, and empower you to choose how you use your time.

This is not just about running errands for you, and making phone calls, it’s about offering her clients the opportunity to spend that time with loved ones, take a moment to rest, or focus on work. Her motto – “So long as your request is safe, legal, and ethical, we will help you find the right solution!”

After moving to the Seattle area in 2012, Sondra started a career in real estate. Knowing she needed to supplement her income she helped an event designer with local events – focusing mostly on planning weddings. Through her years of helping others with tasks to create the perfect event or day she started building connections in the industry. Her expertise of helping others hand over their overwhelming tasks grew into a passion of starting her own personal assistant agency.

As her business grew she added another team member and developed a unique  membership plan that offers clients to pay a monthly fee, with personalized attention to ensure that every experience is uniquely yours. Let’s face it we would all love to have an assistant on hand- but some times we just don’t need a full time assistant. If you’ve put off that huge landscaping project because you don’t want to make the dreaded phone calls,  just to get one person to finally come out – that’s where Sondra comes in! She’ll make the calls, and do all the research, so you can spend more time with your family.

Pursuit Concierge is truly a one stop delegating service – no task is too big or too small. She’s helped numerous companies fill job opportunities, sifting through the hundreds of resume’s so the employer can focus on the day to day responsibilities. If you’re a DIY kinda person but running across town to get supplies stands in the way of working on your project – they can help! They can deliver all the tools you need so you can have fun getting your hands dirty at home.

Her passion of ‘mindful delegation’ goes beyond just helping you with your to-do list, it’s about offering support so you can live fuller lives, and concentrate on what brings you joy. For a full list of services you can visit her website. If you are ready to have Sondra tackle your projects you can start by registering as a member, either in-person, over the phone or virtually. Follow her Facebook page for some inspiring tips to save you time.