We all have our own idea of sustainability, and the need to help minimize a ‘plastic-free’ living. Stephanie Lentz CEO and founder of Scoop Market Place has done all the plastic free research for you and recently opened a ‘zero waste’ grocery store in the Juanita Village area in Kirkland.

Scoops mission is to “normalize zero waste grocery shopping and are passionate about teaching people how to improve the quality of their lives – while learning to walk more gently on the planet”. Customers can bring in their reusable containers to scoop as much or as little as they want from their package-free food, home goods and personal care products.

Stephanie and her husband started a journey of living a plant based life, which led her into researching the negative impacts of plastics, and microplastics, and other forms of disposable waste on the environment. Having two young children they wanted to make significant lifestyle changes, changing their daily routine of minimizing a ‘plastic-free’ lifestyle, and zero waste movement.

After searching stores in the area she wasn’t finding what she wanted so with the nudge from her husband she opened Scoop Market in Seattle in 2019 and quickly grew out of her 200 square foot space and landed a larger space in Kirkland. With the larger space Stephanie is able to offer a larger variety of products – some locally sourced from the area.


Often when shopping you want to try a tea, spice, or different laundry soap but aren’t committed to purchasing in fear you won’t like it. Scoop has all the bulk items, with teaspoons, and measuring cups to take as little or as much as you want. Some of their unique items are their toothpaste tabs – eliminate the large tube when traveling and carry the tabs in your travel bag!

Current in store shopping hours for bulk (non-food) items are Thursday -Friday 12-4, and Saturday and Sunday 11-4. They’ve also made it super easy to order bulk items online and for either pickup or delivery. You can join their membership plans which offers a one-year membership, annual membership price locked in for life, 5% discount on all Scoop purchases, access to digital sustainability downloads. Mention the425show in store or online and receive a discount!

Visit Scoop today and check out all of Stephanie’s amazing products! You can learn more about the ‘green’ lifestyle and Stephanie’s journey and tips through her Green Stuff Podcast, with tips of achievable steps towards more eco-friendly habits. Follow them on Facebook for upcoming events, blog posts, recipes, and more.