Today we chatted with Susan Palmer Wood, owner of Susan Palmer Wood, Powered By Purpose life coach. I’ve known Susan forever and her energy is always infectious, which is why it’s no surprise she is so successful at helping others feel better about themselves, stop feeling stuck and make things happen in their life!

Susan offers powerful breakthroughs for her clients that range from people in their 20’s up to her oldest client 69. It’s never too early or too late to get grounded, change your mind set and connect with your conscious self. Sometimes you need a gentle nudge in life and Susan is here to help you with all of that.

If you would like to get started on getting to the root of what’s holding you back in life take an hour to chat with Susan, she’s providing a complimentary coaching call where you can set aside an hour to explore where you might be stuck and what you’d love to create in your life. And it’s FREE, it doesn’t get any better than that! Got to Susan Palmer Wood online scheduling page to get started. Don’t miss out on her amazing events and upcoming¬† training’s follow her on Facebook page, Susan Palmer Wood.

Being a 425 native for over 28 years, Susan loves her town Sammamish where she spends time outdoors as much as possible. Some of her favorite go to spots with her two rescue dogs is she loves Yellow Lake, for hiking with the vibrant green trees as the sun hits it, and Soaring Eagle Park, another Eastside favorite for mountain bikers and hiking.

*Picture courtesy of Pinterist*

Tomorrow is July 4th so it’s a perfect time to mention all the fabulous things the 425 has to offer for 4th of July festivities! My personal favorite living in Kirkland is walking downtown to the parade with my family and watching the fireworks up on the hill, which we have been doing for years. Check out Bellevue for the day where they will have fireworks, picnics, and free dog and jog walk. New Castle is another great spot, at Lake Boren Park¬†for music, fireworks, and food vendors.

Happy 4th of July!